• Ted Key(1912-2008) - Cartoonist and Screenwriter - Wrote the screenplay for Disney's The Cat from Outer Space and the stories for Gus and The Million Dollar Duck. He also created the characters "Sherman" and "Peabody" for The Bullwinkle Show. He died of bladder cancer May 3, in Tredyffrin Township, Pennsylvania. (News From Me)
    • Henry Brant(1913-2008) - Composer - As an orchestrator, he worked on Cleopatra, Cheyenne Autumn, The Devil's Brigade, Carny,Good Morning, Vietnam and Pare Lorentz' The River and The Plow That Broke the Plains. He also wrote additional music for Carny and was a music technical assistant on Robert J. Flaherty's Louisiana Story. More recently he won the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2002 for his 20-minute organ concerto "Ice Field." He died April 26 in Santa Barbara, California. (Washington Post)
    • Alvin Colt(1915-2008) - Costume Designer - Created costumes for the original stage production of Li'l Abner, which were later used in the 1959 screen adaptation. He also designed costumes for the 1954 comedy Top Banana and the 1969 hitman movie Stiletto. He won a Tony Award in 1956 for the costumes for Broadway's Pipe Dream. He died May 4, in New York City. (Playbill)
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