I think we've found the new directorial powerhouse of dramatic cinema. Soon we're getting Dennis Lee'sFireflies in the Garden -- a feature that stars the likes of Julia Roberts, Ryan Reynolds, Willem Dafoe, and Emily Watson, deals with a family torn by an unexpected tragedy, and is getting a good initial response. Now Variety reports that he's signing on for another heavy dramatic piece -- he will adapt and direct Brad Kessler's Birds in Fall -- a story that has even more tragedy.

It's not an upper of a premise, but the pieces sound intriguing. An innkeeper sees a plane crash into the ocean off Nova Scotia, and then prepares as the families of the victims descend upon the area. There's an ornithologist, a Bulgarian pianist, an Iranian exile, a Taiwanese couple, and a Dutch teen who stay at the inn as they try to work through his tragedy, each dealing with the loved ones they've lost.

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