Oh, Hellboy, Vincent, or whatever character you prefer Ron Perlman has. The man has done about a billion different shows, movies, and parts, and if you look at his IMDb page, there's a sea of upcoming production red -- a whopping 17 gigs coming our way. I can't complain -- I really dig the man. And now, we're getting more; he's adding an indie film to make it 18.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Perlman is teaming up with Taryn Manning, Joe Pantoliano, and Patrick Flueger to bring Shem Bitterman's 1998 play, The Job, to the big screen. The dark comedy focuses on "a hapless man named Bubba (Flueger) who is desperate to find a job and marry the woman he loves (Manning). A drifter (Perlman) hooks him up with a slick employment agent (Pantoliano), but after agreeing to the job, Bubba finds that he is in over his head."

That sounds like a crappy employment agent to me -- or, is this over-the-head gig something more unsavory, rather than just difficult? Production on the indie has started today in Detroit, so we should be able to see it soon enough. Have any of you out there ever seen the play? Do you think it's movie-worthy?
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