I'm itching to see Milk. It's not because of the cool initial production still above, which comes from Entertainment Weekly. It's not because of Gus Van Sant, since he has disappointed me many times. It's because of Sean Penn -- but not because of fandom. He does so many heavy roles, and is so known for his seriousness, that it's hard to remember sometimes that he is Jeff Spicoli. But now he's also Harvey Milk.

Playing the first openly gay man to win an election in a major U.S. city, Penn has got to get happy, and as producer Dan Jinks explained to EW, he "is playing a guy who's not at all like him, way beyond the sexuality of the character. Harvey was this guy who wants everybody to love him, and he loves everybody else. Sean just completely became that guy. It's a real transformation."

If he really hits this out of the ballpark, it'll be a change to see a serious man get award cred for getting happy, rather than vice versa. Now if we could only get him in another Ridgemont sort of flick...
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