Cinematical has just received this exclusive, action-filled clip from Tarsem Singh's The Fall. The film is set in a Los Angeles hospital in 1915, where stuntman Roy Walker (Lee Pace) is recovering from a stunt-gone-wrong and the fact that his girlfriend dumped him for the film's leading man. Set on ending his life, he befriends the young Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) in order to persuade her to nab him the morphine he needs for his suicide. He begins to tell her amazing stories, full of people from his life and the hospital, to get her anxious for more, and to make her do his bidding.

The clip shares a scene from one of those stories, and is full of horses, dusty action, the freeing of slaves, and even some first-sight romance. This is definitely looking to be a rare gem -- a great story with a myriad of beautiful scenes. The film goes into limited release this Friday.