Since I posted back in March that we're getting a web short from Joss Whedon, one that stars Neil Patrick Harris, Nathon Fillion, and Felicia Day no less, I've been trying to keep an eye on news about Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog. There have been little blips like this over at EW, where NPH mentions that there are plans for a DVD with extras, but the pressing piece of info everyone wants to know is: When in the hell will we get to see it!?

Whedonesque linked to a new interview with Day yesterday, and if she's right, we shouldn't have to wait very much longer. While talking with Patrick Rothfuss, she said: "I believe he said it will be released on the internet before Comicon." Bring. It. On! Oh, it better be on a site that doesn't block Canada, or I'm going to go on a rampage.

If you need a refresher: The short series was created by Joss during that whole writers strike, and it follows a wannabe villain, Dr. Horrible (Harris), who has fallen for a cute girl at the laundromat (Day), but keeps getting beaten up by superhero Captain Hammer (Fillion).

This should be an awesome taste of Whedon before Dollhouse hits the boob tube. (Unfortunately, Joss' new show isn't planning to hit TV until mid-season.)