Not for nothing, but this could be the oddest piece of movie marketing I've ever seen. So we already know there's a petition out there to stop Uwe Boll from making films, and this came about after the infamous director told FEARNet that he'd quit making films if one million people signed a petition. For about a week or so, a number of people tried to capitalize off the dude's ridiculous antics, and Boll even viewed the whole thing as pretty good (and free) press since his new film Postal was debuting on May 23.

Cut to today: Cinematical received a press release in our inbox letting us know that Stride Gum is now "supporting the efforts of in their attempt to convince famed film director Uwe Boll to stop making video game-based films." Oh yes, Stride Gum. Makers of ... gum. And if one million people sign this petition by May 23rd (opening day for Postal), then all one million folks will receive a digital coupon for a free pack of gum. Wait, I don't know if you were paying attention just then -- I said a FREE PACK OF GUM!

Seems odd that this promotion would coincide with the opening day of Boll's latest film, which, honestly, leads me to believe that Stride Gum is helping to promote Postal by supporting a petition calling for that film's director to quit the industry. I've seen filmmakers do some weird things before (including Uwe Boll), but this has to take the cake. Yeah, so sign the petition and look out for that free pack of gum.

(And don't thank us ... we're just doing our job.)

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