Admit it, we have all thought that the one thingX-Men Origins: Wolverine needed was another character. I mean, there's no possible way Wolverine could carry the entire movie by himself; what we needed were some mutants to share the load. Right?

Well, the most surprising addition yet has been made. According to Superhero Hype, there are reports that Cyclops has joined the roster. No, he won't be played by James Marsden, but an Australian actor named Tim Pocock. The news comes via an Australian agency, who confirmed that said actor was indeed cast as the young Scott Summers.

Now how the heck the two will meet is impossible for me to fathom. I imagine this will just be a cameo, a young Scott brushes past Wolverine at a train station or bus stop. Knowing how these origin stories go, there will probably be some wink-nudge storyline where Wolverine snubs Cyclops somehow, leading to the instant dislike that springs up when the two meet again as adults. Or he will rescue the young Summers, thus making their prickly relationship something to be regretted. (How Summers will not remember is a mystery -- he wasn't brainwashed by Weapon X.)

Sigh. I keep on defending you, Hugh Jackman, assuring everyone you've got a handle on the character, but you're making it so hard for me! Why couldn't you have just mindlessly fought bears in the Canadian snow, wearing nothing but computer circuitry?!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the entire pantheon of Marvel superheroes, hits theatres May 1st, 2009. Filming finished last week, so ostensibly they can't add any more characters ... can they?
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