The world thought one thing when Oliver Stone cast Josh Brolin as our Commander in Chief: "Really? How is that going to work?" And yet, here comes our first look at W. proving that it actually does. It's creepy. Granted, it is still President Bush as filtered through the Handsome and Rugged Machine (TM), but it's not nearly as outlandish as I expected. The same goes for Elizabeth Banks. The magic of hair and makeup. Let's just hand them the Oscar for this one. Entertainment Weekly has a six-page spread on the new film; we've included another photo of Josh Brolin as George W. Bush after the jump.

No release date yet, but shooting begins in two weeks and I am beyond intrigued now. Stone should make this a new franchise. I vote Clive Owen as Vladimir Putin. What do you think? Does it work? Does this whole thing work?

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