The trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Warshas hit the net via Yahoo! Movies. Those who caught the broadcast of it on the 8th were lucky, as the Yahoo trailer is in less than ideal condition: just when things started to get good, the sound cut out on me! (So take my opinion with a grain of salt.) While I got all nostalgic and excited upon hearing Obi Wan's Theme (one of John Williams compositions, I think), the rest didn't fill me with much confidence. It looks less like a trailer for a movie trailer than one for a video game -- and not because of the animation, but because it mostly is made up of "Look, how cool!" shots. But, like I said, the sound died when the plot started to pick up, so I will re-watch it when the glitches clear up and form a new opinion. If it worked for you, please tell me if I'm wrong -- and if it is way better than a video game trailer.

The Clone Wars hits theatres August 15th. I wonder if Star Wars fans are already lining up?