(In honor of Mother's Day, we're launching a series of posts today written, in part, by our mothers after we asked them one simple (yet very complex) question: What's your favorite movie and why?)

My mom and I share such similar tastes that I expected her favorite movie to be one I also loved – but I was still surprised to find it was this one! It had a similar effect on us both, even with all the inaccuracies. When I visited Scotland last year, it broke both our hearts that she wasn't with me, visiting the places Wallace really lived, fought and died. Some Mother's Day, I will take her there!

"Asking someone who loves movies to pick one favorite is cruel to say the least. The story must touch my heart, and leave an indelible impression that changes my life. After great deliberation, I chose Braveheart. It gave me everything I could want in a film. A real life hero, an epic story, great performances, great cinematography (you couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting), great musical score, great costumes, drama, battle scenes, and romance. I never grow tired of watching it, and I never make it through the end without tears. I'm willing to forgive its historical transgressions because the film engulfs me, sucks me in and transports me to medieval Scotland. A costume drama of the very best kind. The heart wrenching tragedy of William Wallace left a permanent impression on me. Wanting to know the true story behind the film led me to dig deeper, not only into English and Scottish history, but into my own heritage in a way I never had before." – Julie Rappe

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