(In honor of Mother's Day, we're launching a series of posts today written, in part, by our mothers after we asked them one simple (yet very complex) question: What's your favorite movie and why?)

Ha, my mom's hilarious. I thought she was going to pick Spartacus, Forrest Gump, or Steel Magnolias. She went with a horror flick.

"OK, so, being Scott's mom, it should come as no surprise that over the years he has supplied me with many movies to watch, most of them ... horror flicks. I enjoy a good scary movie but I'm not a huge fan of the gory stuff -- but one I caught quite by chance one night was The Hitcher, starring Rutger Hauer. OK, so I start out watching thinking this is going to be some nice, safe, slightly suspenseful yarn about a young man meeting up with one strange character while delivering a car to someone in another state. Well, I was as wrong about that as I was in thinking that Scott was going to be my second daughter. Halfway though the movie I made a mental note to see the manicurist the next day because I had gnawed my nails down to the cuticles. As "the hitcher," Rutger Hauer not only terrorizes a poor young man and his newfound girlfriend (who meets one of the most gruesome demises I have ever witnessed ... although you don't really see it, but yikes, the mental pictures!!!) but he also leaves a horrible bloodbath in his wake. I probably wouldn't call it one of my all-time favorites, but when people talk about movies that really scared them ... I think of The Hitcher. There are many things I would love to do with Rutger Hauer, as I find him to be not only very hot but also a great actor -- but one thing we wouldn't do is go for a drive in the desert!

Happy Mother's Day! Next year I hope to review Enemy Mine."
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