What's with this new obsession with love and taxi cabs? The other day, I was flipping through the channels and stopped on some really bad show about dating. At one point, they start talking about some cabbie in New York who fixes up people in his cab. He's nice, and chats up his patrons, and then some of them leave him cell phone numbers so he can contact them with love matches. An interesting idea -- although it's far from the safest method out there.

But this isn't the only cabbie romance on the airwaves. The Hollywood Reporter posts that DreamWorks has picked up a rom-com spec called Shared Fare from Stacey Harman (Jingle Belles). Instead of a cupid cabbie, "the idea is based on a true experience had by Benderspink executive Langley Perer, who ended up dating a guy she split a cab with on a short trip."

As for what kind of rom-com this will be, the director circling the project should give you an indication: Brian Robbins. Does this mean Eddie Murphy will sign on, since he's starring (and has starred) in Robbins' three most recent films? Or better yet, will marketing teams descend upon cabbies and make them all budding cupids before the film's release? Or start cheap female cab fares in a sort of Ladies' Night-on-wheels marketing scheme?
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