DIRECTED BY: Fernando Meirelles
STARS: Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo


When a mysterious affliction -- "The White Sickness" -- leaves over 90% of the population blind, people try and cope with the fractures left in society. Meanwhile, one woman (Julianne Morre), untouched by the illness, has to hide her ability to see so she can better help her husband (Mark Ruffalo) as everything falls apart around them. Will Moore's sight be their salvation, or their ruin? And is there any possible cure for "The White Sickness?"


Meirelles (perhaps best known for City of God) is a director to watch; his first big-studio film, The Constant Gardener, was tragically overlooked. Blindness may have an impressive big name cast (Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Danny Glover and Alice Braga), but the fact that the screenplay adaptation of José Saramago's Nobel Prize-winning novel is by Don McKellar is just as exciting. McKellar's demonstrated a warm-yet-weird sensibility with similarly apocalyptic material in his earlier film Last Night, and the literary and cinematic roots of this
project promise a film worth getting excited about.

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