TITLE:The Palermo Shooting

DIRECTED BY: Wim Wenders
STARS: Campino, Dennis Hopper, Milla Jovovich, Lou Reed


A photographer (Campino) comes to Palermo, Italy, and tries to reconcile his career with his happiness. Including a host of luminaries (like Milla Jojovich, Patti Smith and Lou Reed) playing themselves, The Palermo Shooting promises to be a look at life and fame from a director whose previous looks at geography and personal history have included Wings of Desire, Buena Vista Social Club and Paris, Texas.


Because it's Wim Wenders -- really, what more reason do you need? Wenders is a brilliant filmmaker, and his previous movies have all managed to mesh very real senses of place with thoughtful, human explorations of the human condition; this film looks a little higher on the glitz-and-glam index than some of his earlier work, but that's not a cause for concern; Wenders has tackled everything from hard-bitten realism (Paris, Texas) to to rueful fantasy (Wings of Desire) to weird science fiction-ish mysteries (The End of Violence); if his take on the modern world of fame and fortune's as good as those, we'll be very lucky.

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