TITLE:Vicky Cristina Barcelona

DIRECTED BY: Woody Allen
STARS: Scarlett Johannson, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz


Woody Allen's first film shot in Spain uses Barcelona as the backdrop for a tale of two young Americans, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Scarlett Johannson). Vicky's the straightlaced one, Cristina's the "sexually adventurous free spirit." The pair meet an artist (Javier Bardem, sporting a much better hairdo -- and, hopefully, attitude -- than he did in No Country for Old Men) and his lovely but insane ex-wife (Penelope Cruz). Much sexual trysting, including a reportedly hot sex scene between Johannson and Cruz and a three-way with the two ladies and Bardem, ensues. This being a Woody Allen film, we don't know a whole lot else about the plot at this point, but really, do we need to?


Aside from the promise of those steamy sex scenes, a Woody Allen film is always intriguing. He can be a little uneven from film to film, sure, but watching a new Woody Allen film for the first time is a lot like opening a Christmas present from your wacky, eccentric old aunt: you never know whether you're going to get something really cool, like a gorgeous piece of heirloom jewelry -- or an olive-drab, hand-crocheted toilet paper cozy. But it's still fun to unwrap it and see what's inside.

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