TITLE: Wendy and Lucy

DIRECTED BY: Kelly Reichardt
STARS: Michelle Williams, Will Patton


Wendy and Lucy, helmed by Old Joy director Kelly Reichardt, stars Michelle Williams as Wendy, who's traveling by car with her dog Lucy, on her way to Alaska for a summer gig at a fish cannery, when her car breaks down somewhere in Oregon. Wendy's dog is taken to the pound, her threadbare finances start to unravel, and she has to make a series of "increasingly dire economic decisions."


Reichardt's Old Joy was one of the best films of 2005 and showed her flair for making small feels that delve deeply into intimate relationships. Wendy and Lucy screens in the Un Certain Regard section of the fest and, according to Screen Daily, is the only film in competition that was received by post, unsolicited by the festival. If it stood out enough to the Cannes programming staff to make the cut as an unsolicited submission, we're betting on it being as good, or even better than, Old Joy.

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