It's always the comic book chicks you don't expect. Variety has announced that Platinum Studios, Top Cow Production and Arclight Films are teaming up to bring Top Cow's Witchblade to the big screen. No word on who will direct, or star, but production is expected to take place in Australia, starting in September. So expect a bunch of announcements on that front soon.

Witchblade has had a surprisingly long lifespan -- it has been a best-selling comic book series with Top Cow since 1995, but most people remember the TNT television show which ran for two seasons. The story centers on a mystical, jewel-encrusted gauntlet that gives extraordinary powers to the chosen wearer -- and that is always a specially chosen female in each generation. It also has the power to, apparently, magically remove all your clothes as seen to the right. (Something missing from the television show.)

I know I should be all "Yeah, this is exactly what I was talking about -- comic heroines!" but it really isn't. If done right, maybe, but she's hardly what I was hoping for. While the Witchblade concept isn't any goofier than admantium claws or eating the sun, I saw it as silly, and never warmed to it. Maybe it's because I have never really understood Top Cow's line of comics. All of my guy friends always say "You're awesome because you don't read those!" I never understood that either, because while they do specialize in kickass women like Witchblade and Tomb Raider, I never thought they were really written for chicks because of all the T&A. I always feel kind of funny reading them. (Yes, I've read them. What my guy friends don't know when they praise me is that I have many issues of Tomb Raider hidden away. Well, I guess they know now. Oh well!)
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