To mark the tenth anniversary of Frank Sinatra's death on May 14, Warner Home Video has unleashed such a massive volume of Sinatra DVDs that viewers will need to break out the hernia belts. There are 22 discs in all, with 11 titles new to DVD, and five box sets. One box set, The Rat Pack Ultimate Collector's Edition comes with a special deck of "Rat Pack" cards, reproductions of lobby cards, a pressbook and on-set photos, as well John Sturges' Sergeants 3 (1962), available for the first time. The high point of these discs is the DVD debut of Vincente Minnelli's Some Came Running(1958), a devastating widescreen melodrama about an army veteran and would-be writer (Sinatra) who returns to his small town.

A goofy dame (Shirley MacLaine) has followed him home, and a boozy gambler (Dean Martin) befriends him, perhaps ruining his chances with the local schoolteacher (Martha Hyer), probably the only one who understands his literary aspirations.
Some Came Running is part of the Frank Sinatra: The Golden Years box set, which also includes Otto Preminger's The Man with the Golden Arm (a public domain title here available in its official release), None But the Brave (directed by Sinatra himself), The Tender Trap and Marriage on the Rocks (co-starring daughter Nancy). Then we have The Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly Collection, with three discs, Frank Sinatra: The Early Years with five discs, and the four-hour 1992 "Sinatra" TV mini-series. To help with the celebration, Frank's youngest daughter Tina agreed to an e-mail interview with Cinematical. (See related story.)