James Rocchi and I got into Cannes late this afternoon after a rather adventurous journey that included my flight being delayed, first by a medical emergency on the incoming plane I had to get on to get to Detroit, then by an unauthorized passenger being on my plane (how the hell does that happen in this day and age? I have no idea ...). Those delays very nearly caused me to miss my connection to Amsterdam, and then I realized when I got to the gate that I'd lost my boarding pass. Yes, I am officially the world's biggest travel dork. I did make the flight, though, and then James and I were treated to a screaming infant in front of us for the eight-hour flight to Amsterdam. Whew. Fortunately I brought my travel Scrabble to keep us busy.

We finally got to Cannes and found our flat. Thanks to James and his travel ingenuity, we have a lovely flat with a terrace that has a teensy view of the Mediterranean Sea and the all-important wifi connection. Once we dumped off our ten tons of luggage and freshened up, we were off to the Palais de Festival to collect our press badges. We managed to take a slew of pics of movie posters while enjoying the nice 20-minute walk from our flat, and spotted Juliette Lewis and Danny Glover strolling the Croisette.

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