While the creative bits of my brain are hoping for comic greatness, I'm thinking that this upcoming feature is one of those projects that holds a lot of promise, but falls under the weight of all the dreamed-of possibilities. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Fable Works is producing a new computer-animated feature called Cereal Heroes, which will get characters designed by Kim Possible'sStephen Silver.

David Meinstein is writing the script, which focuses on "cartoon cereal box-mascots who are mistakenly brought to life when a plan to replace the world's fallen superheroes with characters from comic books goes awry. They soon find themselves on the run in an unfamiliar world that only they can save from destruction."
My big question is whether they will be recognizable cereal heroes, fake cereal heroes, or faux replicas of cereal heroes? However, while the hopeful part of me would imagine that Silver's character designs would be for the other characters in the film, I imagine he'll be creating the cereal heroes. Getting the rights to all would be insanely expensive, but it would be free advertising, and probably the only obvious product placement that I could get behind. Can you imagine Snap, Crackle, and Pop bringing down baddies with Cap'n Crunch, Count Chocula, the Trix Rabbit, a certain Leprechaun, Tony the Tiger, and the rest?

The film is currently scheduled to hit screens in 2010.
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