Two new TV spots for The Dark Knighthave arrived online over at The Tube; both of which, I'm sure, are making the primetime rounds as we speak (I know one of them debuted during Sunday night's Survivor finale). The two spots (check out one above and the other after the jump) are pretty Joker-centric, with some brief comedy thrown in via Bruce Wayne and Alfred/Lucius Fox. I gotta say I'm loving Heath Ledger's performance more and more each time another bit of video arrives. It's amazing he pulled off this role, especially since most of us counted him out when his casting was first announced: "Heath Ledger as The Joker? Really? Seriously? Is that a joke?" Well kudos to him -- I, for one, cannot wait to see this whole thing play out on the big screen.

Question: Will you be seeing The Dark Knight in IMAX or in a conventional theater? July 18th baby!