Mother's Day was Sunday, making this a little late. But come on – one day out of the entire year for Mom? That's still 364 that she spends worrying about us, so I think it's safe to say that she deserves an extra nod past the official holiday. Mine certainly does, because as a geek mom, she works overtime. All moms do, but geek moms have it a little harder since their children are usually oddballs. So while this column is about my mom, I really want to salute all the geek moms out there. From the ones who didn't protest when you wanted to be MadMartigan, to the Sarah Connors and Maria Starks who inspire heroic offspring, they deserve our undying thanks.

My mom hails from the first generation of geeks. Her yearbook makes mention of Star Wars. She lined up with her then boyfriend (and my future dad) to see The Empire Strikes Back, and remembers discussing "What did Yoda mean when he said 'There is another?'" with people in line for Return of the Jedi. (For the record, she thought Han Solo would be the other Jedi.) She is the only "older" woman I know who is actually incensed by the idea that Greedo shot first.
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