But can Sisto deliver them from evil?

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Kristin Chenoweth is going to star with Jeremy Sisto in an upcoming indie drama called Into Temptation. And finally, a link in my brain is showing up on the big screen. News of Chenoweth (Running with Scissors), always makes me think of Sisto, the Chenowiths, and Six Feet Under, so it's about time the two were combined.

And just like the dead-filled show, this is far from an upper. "Chenoweth will play a suicidal prostitute who confesses to a priest her plans to end her life on her birthday. The priest (Sisto) then searches for her to intervene."

Firstly, I really like the idea of a priest getting emotionally involved with a story he hears during confession. It breeds a million possibilities, but really -- do we need a struggling stripper on the big screen YET AGAIN? I feel like a broken record saying this, but it keeps continuing, so how can I not? There's enough flipping strippers on the big screen, people. Use those creative juices of yours to come up with new material!

The film is written and will be directed by Patrick Coyle, and production begins next week.
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