On this side of the Atlantic, there has always been the Trapp Family Lodge. Nestled in Stowe, Vermont, you could go there, ski, get fat on maple sugar, and revel in all things von Trapp. However, being in Vermont, and not Austria, it can't immerse The Sound of Music fans into the Austrian experience of the uber-popular film.

And now there's a new vacation spot to steal the Vermont Lodge's thunder. Reuters reports that the original family villa near Salzburg, Austria, is going to open as a hotel this July. I kinda feel bad for the US lodge, because what can compete, for fans, with sleeping in their rooms, or getting hitched in their chapel? You can even sing "Sixteen Going on 17" in Liesl's gazebo (a "self-assembly construction set"). To make things even more appealing, there are no large-scale renovations in store. The plan is to make minimal changes, like paint and rewiring, before the hotel opens and masses of fans can step back into time for a quite reasonable 100 euros a night. I wonder if the halls will be alive with music, and how long it would take to drive a normal traveler mental?

There's also tours through Salzburg Panorama Tours.

Now as long as we don't get a remake, we'll be set!

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