Does the one-time location for Rebel Without a Cause deserve to be mentioned among the most famous real world locations for science fiction movies? There's a great chart at oobject that they're simply calling "15 scifi movies 15 famous architectural locations." The description reads in part: "Science Fiction Movies and famous architecture have a particularly strong tradition, however the link is not always flattering. Since much science fiction deals with a dystopic vision of the future, architecture is often seen as part of the environmental cause."

Griffith Observatory (pictured above) in Los Angeles is listed as #10 (ranked by their user votes) because of its setting for James Cameron's The Terminator. I put a few samples in the gallery below, along with a couple of my personal favorties; visit oobjectto see all their selections and the current rankings.

What do you think? Did they capture the very best real world locations for science fiction movies? What are your favorites? No fair including natural wonders -- i.e. Glen Canyon, Utah, where the first part of the original Planet of the Apes is set, or Vasquez Rocks, where everything from Army of Darkness to Star Trek was filmed -- they have to be man-man structures.

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