I wonder ... how do you meet the super thieves and spies? How do these cinematic guys always find the people with deep, dark secrets, or law-breaking wild sides? Variety reports that Christian Slater and Cuba Gooding Jr. are starring in a new action comedy called Lies & Illusions, which will be directed by Tibor Takacs. (Will it be able to match the wonder, humor, and intrigue that is Kuffs?!) Sarah Ann Schultz, Christa Campbell, Al Madrigal, and Lochlyn Munro have also signed on to star.

The script, written by Eric James, focuses on "a novelist being hunted by a spy who believes the writer holds millions of dollars in diamonds stolen by his dead fiancee." But it's more than just that. According to IMDb, the writer is "torn between two lovers," and also, "A book editor from New York becomes obsessed with the author of a violent novel. She soon learns secrets about his past." Seeing that Slater gets a first and last name -- Wes Wilson, and Cuba only gets "Isaac," I assume that Slater is the writer, and Cuba is the spy. But I don't see how the editor fits into all of this.

IMDb says that it's now in post, but Variety says the film began shooting this week in Spokane.
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