Maybe I'm just in one of those moods today, but these illustrations cracked me up. I stumbled across the blog for this dude Donald Soffritti while surfing, and though it's all in Italian, it would appear as if the entire site is dedicated to his drawings of superheroes after they've grown old. The image of Batman and Robin above is definitely my favorite, although a close second would be Thor (because he looks exactly like my cousin), Aquaman (the fish bowl and warms got me) and the one of Galactus and Silver Surfer (just because a really old Surfer is amusing). There's also a comic strip on his blog called Super Zeros featuring, what looks like, Batman and Wonder Woman as young, fat kids. No joke. Perhaps someone who reads Italian can let us know what he has to say about some of this; nevertheless, I've had a ball looking at them all. (When is someone gonna make THAT movie!?) You can see a few of my favorites in the gallery below, and head over to Soffritti's blog to see the rest.

Your favorite?

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