Meet big squirt, foo!

Our Erik Davis should get a side job as a casting director after his comment about the upcoming A-Team movie. Back in December, he said: "Like, B.A. Baracas (played by Mr. T on the TV show) is listed as a '22-year-old walking steel with two-percent body fat.' Yup, expect Tyrese Gibson in this role."

Unless scheduling problems put a wrench in the whole thing, it looks like Gibson is, indeed, BA. He told Devin at CHUD the other day that while his participation isn't finalized, he's getting excited about taking on Baracus. But it won't be completely like we remember. There could be a mohawk (there best be!), but not the bling that would bury a baby. And get this -- he plans to work out and bulk up even more for the role.

I just don't know about all of this. The charm of the show, which is one of my '80s favorites, was the humor and the quirk. Not only does the casting have to be spot-on, but it just has to keep some of the strangeness. Yeah, it was the '80s, but it's not like BA was following trends. He had his own style. There best be a mohawk, bling, and a whole lotta foo'.