In a natural progression from amateur porn of the Zack and Miri variety, Elizabeth Banks has taken on some a cappella-themed production work. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the actress is going to produce a new film called Pitch Perfect, through her shingle, Brownstone Productions. Kay Cannon (30 Rock) is going to adapt the film from Mickey Rapkin's nonfiction book.

An editor at GQ, Rapkin spent some time covering a cappella college competitions, focusing on teams from the University of Virginia, Tuft University, and the University of Oregon. Oh, but this isn't just a bunch of goofy nerd singers competing. Apparently, it's a world full of "singing, groupies, partying, and rivalries."

A cappella groupies? I just can't wrap my head around this notion. Do the girls put on skimpy outfits and try to sleep with the singers? Do the performers sign breasts and keep score on their bedpost? And to think I thought a cappella wasn't sexy ... maybe it's because of performances like this.

The book will be a comedy set in this world, and so far, I'm itching to see it. It's certainly unique! As of right now, Banks isn't attached to a role in the film, but I imagined that might change once the adaptation is complete.
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