I am, by no means, a big fan of medieval themes, although a movie here and there, or an occasional trip to a Renaissance Faire is fun. But man, Ironclad is sounding awesome. Variety reports that the film is the first project for the newly formed Mythic International Entertainment, and will be directed by Jonathan English.

Why is this sounding so awesome? The cast. Already signed to the $30 million feature is Richard Attenborough, Pete Postlethwaite, Angus Macfayden, and Colm Meaney. Meanwhile, James Purefoy and Paul Giamatti are in talks to join the production as well. It's a historical feature full of talented testosterone!

Set in 13th century England, the film will focus on "a small band of knights who defended Rochester Castle against the tyrant King John." There's no mention of who the signed leads are playing (presumably knights), but if James and Paul sign on, Purefoy will play the lead night, and Giamatti will be King John.

It sounds great to me! After John Adams, I've been on a total Giamatti kick, and along with actors like Attenborough and Postlethwaite, this could be one hell of a great action film.

What do you think?
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