Hey campers, it's time for another edition of The (Mostly) Indie Film Calendar, in which we tell you about the non-blockbuster, non-studio offerings that you can find in theaters this week. In a world where the multiplexes are packed, we proudly say: Chronicles of what now? If you know about something cool happening -- a local festival, repertory films, retrospectives, etc. -- let me know and I'll put it in the calendar! You'll find me at Eric.Snider (at) Weblogsinc (dot) com.

First up, we have a few...

  • Reprise is a Norwegian film about two friends, both would-be authors, who submit their manuscripts on the same day and go through all the rigors of an artist's life together. Cinematical's James Rocchi lavishes all kinds of praise on it in his review. Opens today in New York and L.A.
  • How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer is a comedy about three generations of Mexican-American women enjoying their sexuality (not with each other, gross) one summer. Girl power! Ugly Betty is in it, but the film is from before she became Ugly Betty: It premiered at Sundance in 2005 (!) and is just now finally being released. Opens today all over California, as well as in Chicago, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Amarillo, Phoenix, and Mesa.

After the jump, more theatrical releases, plus our city-by-city rundown of special events taking place this week.