Hello, vampires!

I thought I had outgrown my vamp addiction (aside from Buffy). I don't read Anne Rice anymore, and I haven't watched a new vamp movie in a while. But then I started watching Moonlight. Yup, still hooked. And now there's a new flick on the horizon: Variety reports that Celluloid Dreams has gone into pre-production on Hello Darkness, a "genre-bending vampire film."

This also marks the second vampire movie this week for the UK (remember Lesbian Vampire Killers?). But it won't be all darkness. Not much is being said about the plot, other than it's a "humor-laced romancer" where a regular guy becomes a vampire and then "falls for a posh student." So that's two UK vamp comedies, the direct-to-DVD Lost Boys sequel, plus some Twilight. Now if only we could get some adult vampire darkness, we'll be set! Oh wait -- we're kind of getting that with Celluloid Dreams' Julie Delpy thriller, The Countess.

Meanwhile, the company is also looking into prophets and immigrants. They've picked up a crime drama called A Prophet, where a young Arab becomes a mafia kingpin while prospering in a French prison. They've also nabbed Rabia, a romantic thriller about "two luckless immigrant workers in Spain."
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