Yesterday, I wrote up the press conference for Woody Allen's latest film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The pic above is a shot of the crazy crowd outside the red carpet for the film; it gives you an idea of how insane the crowds get here for every red carpet -- they're all a little crazy, but this one as even more packed than usual. People pack in like sardines, hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite star, and there are always people in black tie wandering around hopefully with signs reading something like, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona, S.V.P.," hoping against hope that some person might have on hand one of the coveted silver invitations to the red carpet premiere that they don't intend to use. I don't know what the likelihood of that is, but I'd have to imagine it's pretty darn slim.

Below is a gallery of pictures from the press conference. I had to take them of the video screen in the press suite, as I was unable to get into the actual conference for this one. So you're looking at pictures of pictures, essentially, but given the circumstances under which I was working, I think they came out reasonably well.

Upcoming: Reviews ofTokyo Sonata, Hunger and Three Monkeys, plus James's adventures at the Indiana Jones roundtable.

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