Here's a few casting nibblets from Variety for your weekend:

First up, there's the wonderful Hugo Weaving. I could watch that man in just about anything -- whether he's Elrond, purring through wordplay with V, making the name Smith sound cool, or having cross-dressing adventures in the desert. Now he's grabbed a part in Glendyn Ivin'sThe Last Ride. Set in Australia, the film follows an "emotional road trip seen through the eyes of a young boy accompanying his father on the lam." Yeah ... sounds like Priscilla without the divine wardrobe, but with Weaving, I don't mind. Production begins this summer.

Meanwhile, moving across the globe and way, way up, we've got Tia Carrere in Winterpeg, er, Winnipeg, Manitoba. She's signed on to Dana Lustig's Wild Cherry -- the flick I told you about last month. It's about a girl who is ready to give up her virginity to her football-playing boyfriend, only to find out that he's just dating her to add her to the team's "bang book." So, she decides to get revenge with other girls in the school. Carrere will play "an exotic high school history teacher who becomes a sexual mentor for her femme students." I wonder what action Tia will guide them to take...
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