Back in the '80s, we eagerly checked for new posters at the movie theater to get a clue as to what was coming soon. I'm not advocating a return to those less-informed times for movie fanatics, but I've always taken pleasure in classic movie posters.

The original domestic one-sheet created by Richard Amsel for Raiders of the Lost Ark is justly celebrated as one of the most recognized posters of all time (as noted by the great Poster Wire), but the Indiana Jones movies inspired a raft of delirious, nostalgic, sometimes bizarre posters all around the world. If you click through on the image at right, for example, you'll be treated to a giant-sized one-sheet created for the release of Raiders in Turkey.

Some of the foreign posters are arguably as good as the domestic version, while others appear to have very little to do with the movie. (I wonder what kind of plot description was given to the artist.) Sad to say, I haven't had much success finding Last Crusade variations, but I've compiled a small gallery of foreign movie posters for the films that captures the time not so long ago when posters were the biggest weapon in a movie marketer's arsenal. Kudos especially to the fabulous collection at eatbrie, where most of these images were found.