The adaptation of Brad Kessler's Birds in Fall isn't the only coastal tragedy film on the way. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Molly Sims (Las Vegas) and Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights) have signed on for the indie drama Hickory Nation, which takes the grief down to a coastal town in Maine.

Written and directed by Rebecca Cook, the film centers on the community of a small Maine town in "the aftermath of a mysterious hit-and-run accident. The event brings together a teacher and her two students, each struggling with secrets and lies." Sims will play a teacher who has lost her daughter (presumably in this accident), and Teegarden plays one of Sims' students, a local beauty queen. Production is set to begin "next summer," but I'm assuming THR means this summer, because that's a long way off for an indie with its stars already cast.

Okay. What in the hell is with the huge obsession lately with accidents and people coming together after them? We're sick of war movies, but we don't mind 50 million stories where people die and others grieve? This theme is almost as prevalent as prostitutes on film these days.
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