Get ready for some indie romance!

Variety reports that Dylan McDermott and Scott Caan have signed on to star in a new romantic, independent film called Mercy. But Caan isn't just starring -- this is a story he wrote, and is also producing through a new company formed by himself and the film's director, Patrick Hoelck.

Also starring the likes of Alexie Gilmore, Erika Christensen, Troy Garity, and John Boyd, Mercy focuses on a young and cynical novelist. For some reason, this cynic writes about love, although he doesn't believe in it himself. But this is a story brimming with romance, so of course, he then falls in love for the first time and starts believing. Sappy, eh?

There's really not a lot to go on yet, but so far, I'm not impressed. But thinking of McDermott lead me to think about Campbell Scott and Chris Eigemann. Now, if the film was focused on an older novelist, played by one of them, I'd be all over this.

Anyhow, we should find out soon enough whether the film is too sappy, or nicely balanced. The film begins production Monday in Los Angeles.
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