Armed with only a 16 mm and video camera, Asger Leth entered Cite Soliel in Haiti, which the UN has called "the most dangerous place on Earth," to film the story of two chimeres -- gang leaders who run areas of Cite Soliel. The result of this effort is The Ghosts of Cite Soliel -- a gorgeous and gripping documentary that seems more like a carefully crafted narrative feature than a revealing documentary. And now the Danish director is going mainstream.

Variety reports that he has signed on to direct Columbia Pictures' upcoming film, Olympia. Penned by Saving Private Ryan scribe Robert Rodat, with a rewrite by director Gavin Hood (Wolverine), Olympia focuses on a love story "set against the backdrop of the ancient Olympic Games in Greece as war waged between Athens and Sparta."

Perhaps the similarities between Ghosts and Olympia is what brought the director to the project, but whatever the case -- I can't wait to see what Leth does with the story. The man has a great eye, and it'll be interesting to see what he does under normal circumstances, rather than exacerbated danger.

This is also the second feature Leth has signed on for. As Jessica shared last September, he's also attached to La Scorta, an Italian crime thriller.
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