The professional seas are definitely clear for writer/director Shana Feste. She's got her first full-length feature script picked up by Barbarian Films, they're letting her helm it as her directorial debut, and now Variety reports that she's got two well-known stars to lead the cast: Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon. That's not too shabby at all for a new screenwriter and first-time director.

The Greatest is another upcoming drama based on the aftermath of loss, and one that should feel familiar to Sarandon, seeing as she just finished The Lovely Bones. Feste's script follows a family that's trying to deal with the loss of a teen son, and a young girl who somehow throws them into chaos. (Let me guess: a secret love child!?) Brosnan and Sarandon are playing the grieving parents.

Producer Beau St. Clair notes that Feste has a "rare ability to uniquely dramatize the complicated dynamics" of loss, and I would hope so, because it seems like every day we're getting more projects that deal with the aftermath of loss -- The Lovely Bones, Fireflies in the Garden, Hickory Nation, Birds in Fall, Beautiful Children ... the theme is hotter than Derek Zoolander.
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