The work doesn't stop, even if it is May 2-4 (don't get me started on a long weekend where the signature date isn't until next weekend...). Here are some casting scoops from Variety:

Jenna Jameson
. She's already been labeled The Queen of Porn, having appeared in over one hundred adult movies, and now, slowly, she's been inching her way into mainstream cinema. She had a role in Private Parts; more recently, she was a zombie stripper. Now, she's got herself a starring gig in War of the Dragon. From writer/producer/director Stan Derain, the film is about "a psychic and a martial arts expert who team to find the killers of their mothers." There's no word on who she'll play. Could it be a mom? That might kill her porn cred a little. Meanwhile, I wonder how she's doing with that biopic of hers since Scarlett gave her a big fat no?

In other news, Liza Lapira, who has been on a slew of television shows from Monk to Law & Order, plus big-screen gigs like Cloverfield and the upcoming Repossession Mambo, has picked up a role in the latest Fast sequel, The Fast and the Furious 4 -- aka -- Fast and Furious. She'll play FBI Agent Sophie Trinh, who, according to this link, is a friend of Brian's who helps him find James Park.

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