Well it looks like Roland Emmerich has opted to go back to a few more familiar faces for his next monster, effects-laced epic. Variety tells us John Cusack has signed to star in 2012 for Columbia Pictures, with Redbelt'sChiwetel Ejiofor in negotiations to co-star. Emmerich and Harold Kloser wrote the screenplay for this apocalyptic tale which follows an academic researcher (Cusack) who "opens a portal into a parallel universe and makes contact with his double in order to prevent an apocalypse predicted by the ancient Mayans." WTF? Really? Sounds to me like a pretty ridiculous premise, but it's a Roland Emmerich film -- so as long as he blows up New York City halfway through, we're all good.

I am interested to see how they're going to make this whole "contacting yourself in an alternate universe" thing work. Do you look exactly the same? Like, in an alternate universe, would I look like myself or actually be skinny and good looking? I need to know these rules now before 2012 heads into production this July (barring a SAG strike, of course). And how do you find yourself in an alternate universe? Instead of Google, would there be Boogle? My mind is blown! [Holds fist in air] Emmerich!
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