If there's one thing we've come to expect from every Indiana Jones film, it's that Indy will be joined by a sidekick (and a beautiful woman) on all his adventures. These sidekicks are there for comedic support, mostly, but also to help Jones get himself out of (and into) a jam or three. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the large, round and cuddly Sallah (John Rhys-Davies) helped Indy search for the Ark of the Covenant -- but, really, how could you count out the tough-as-nails Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen), who also acted as a sidekick (and lover) in this one.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom introduced us to Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quan), who stuck with Indy through thick and thin from start to finish and was, perhaps, Indy's most loyal sidekick. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade found our hero partnering with two old dudes: Professor Henry Jones (Sean Connery) and Dr. Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliott); the latter of which finally got to leave campus and join Indy for what we all thought would be his final big-screen adventure. Which brings us to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, where, this time, Indy is once again teamed with someone much younger than he is: Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf). Oh, and there's also 'Mac' George McHale (Ray Winstone), though I don't know how big of a role he plays as sidekick because, well, I don't see Crystal Skull until tomorrow. For the purpose of this poll, though, we'll include everyone (so you can come back to vote after you see the latest installment).

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