Really, it was inevitable that Ubik would get picked for feature treatment -- being listed by Time magazine as one of the 100 greatest English-language novels since 1923 and all. Plus, as I alerted you back in October, The Halcyon Company picked up a first-look deal with Electric Shepherd Productions for all of Philip K. Dick's writing. However, this latest bit of movie news has nothing to do with Halcyon. Variety reports that Celluloid Dreams have optioned the 1969 novel.

is set in an alternate version of 1992 where people can travel to the moon and parapsychology is accepted as real. Since telepaths can walk around reading people's minds and learning secrets, there's a company run by Glen Runciter that helps fix this by employing folks who can block telepaths. Along with protag Joe Chip, they head to the moon for a client, but things, well, they blow up.

Dick Hackett says: "Our dad very much wanted this novel to be reimagined in this way and we are happy to be partnering with Celluloid Dreams, whose overall vision and appreciation of the material is consistent with our own." So, there's the golden seal of familial approval, but what about you Dick fans out there. Are you ready for Ubik to hit the big screen? And, do you have any thoughts on who should adapt it?
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