UGO debuted the teaser poster for Punisher: War Zone on Friday (click image to view larger version over on UGO) and somehow I missed it. Ah well, it's a bit of comic book imagery to chew on in the midst of Indy Week, right?

I have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed. It's simple and direct, and should excite all those guys from my campus who walked around in really worn Punisher t-shirts -- but I'm a girl, and I wanted one with Ray Stevenson on it. I dig that guy. Still, this is one area Lionsgate probably knows best -- because half the geeks I know go "They made a sequel?" when I mention War Zone. Their second question: "Is Thomas Jane in it?" Yeah, so they have to break this Stevenson thing in gradually, or there will be anarchy.

But look! There's the new release date: December 5th. I hope the teaser poster heralds the teaser trailer. Maybe we'll see something attached to The Incredible Hulk? What do you think? Are you looking forward to Punisher: War Zone?