Well, we have the first snippets of footage from Baz Luhrmann's Australia, currently occupying the plum November 14th slot this fall, and surprise! It looks pretty. The trailer's now up at Apple. It's a lovely little piece, giving away none of the story but setting the mood nicely. It's not clear (at least not from the trailer) what Kidman and Jackman are talking about when they agree that "we can't let them win," but I'm ready to root for them.

Australia looks surprisingly placid for a Luhrmann film -- the camera seems to stay still for entire seconds at a time, and the outdoor settings don't (always) look like freakish circus versions of themselves. Weird. Has Luhrmann made a normal, Academy-friendly prestige period piece? Maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing: I loved Moulin Rouge! the first time I saw it, but found myself irritated by its resemblance to a hyperactive puppy when I saw it again on DVD. I wouldn't begrudge the man his style, but nor would I object to him drinking some decaf.

Meanwhile, those Australia"Set to Screen" podcasts are still coming out every couple of weeks over on iTunes. (Here's their home base.) There, you can hear about the movie's production straight from the crazy Aussie and his underlings.