A friend of mine sent this over earlier today and it just cracked me up. Looks like these guys built a boulder out of five million LEGO pieces, then drove it up a really big hill on the back of a truck, dressed up their friend in an Indiana Jones outfit (complete with fedora), then proceeded to push the boulder down said hill while their Indiana Jones runs from it. This other guy is dressed as Sallah for whatever reason, and he's just having a blast watching the whole thing go down.

And down it goes -- the LEGO boulder, that is ... as they shoot the scene from several different angles, cheering on their brave friend. Eventually, however, the LEGO boulder veers off course, heads for a tree and accidentally hits a parked car. Nice. Kudos to these guys for a) finding the time to build a boulder out of five million LEGO pieces, and b) managing to convince your friend to run from it down a very, very steep hill.

Have you ever gotten together with your friends and decided to re-create a classic scene from some movie? If so, tell us the scene and the movie ... and then point us toward the video if it's online.