When people talk about killer vehicle movies (and they do), John Carpenter's 1983 adaptation of Stephen King's Christine usually heads the list, with Maximum Overdrive and maybe even Killdozer making their way into the discussion at some point. Plus I've always suspected there was some kind of demonic motivation behind Herbie in The Love Bug. Personally, I remember seeing The Car before any of these. The TV spots tantalized me during the film's 1977 release, and I eventually caught the movie on television in the early '80s. Now we've got a brand new DVD from Universal to fill the void left by the out of print version from Anchor Bay.

James Brolin stars as Wade Parent, a single father who works as a cop in a small southwestern town where the only type of criminal you usually find is a jay walker. He's been romancing a local school teacher named Lauren (Kathleen Lloyd), and he's just about got his two cute-as-a-button daughters (one of whom is played by Kyle Richards, who played Lindsey Wallace in the original Halloween) convinced that it's about time Dad got hitched again. Now, however, we've got bodies piling up, thanks to a mysterious black car of indeterminate design (although one poster over at IMDB reports that it's a modified 1971 Lincoln) with no license plates and opaque windows. The first victims are a pair of bicyclists and a hippie with a French horn who's so annoying that, despite being run over four times, could easily have done with a few more swipes.
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