After premiering at Cannes in 2007, Fumihiko Sori's Vexille traveled the world, got a limited US release in February, and has now, finally, arrived on DVD. Set in Japan during the year 2077, Vexille is a female agent sent to Tokyo to determine whether Japan is developing robotic technology that has been banned by the UN -- this after being dumped by the UN and lurking under a satellite cloaking device.

The flick is all sorts of pretty; it's got women as the two main heroes, and a score by Paul Oakenfold, which makes the whole deal even more tasty. Reviewing it from TIFF, Scott said the film has "the most eye-popping animation this side of Miyazaki." How can you beat that?

Well, you could beat that with a disc or two full of special features, but unfortunately, this is all we're getting for the time being. Just the movie. However, if you demand special features on your discs, and happen to have a region-free player, there IS a Region-3 2 DVD version with a Making of featurette, interview, CG images, and trailers.

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