IGN has the new Red Band trailer for The Happening (following on the heels of that other red band trailer posted over at JoBlo last week), released as negative buzz is beginning to build up. There is plenty of creepiness and gore here, but I am beginning to believe those whispers of a bad performance or three. There is something very goofy about Mark Wahlberg's wide-eyed panic -- and that's hard for me to say, because he's a good actor and I've enjoyed him in a good amount of films.

I want to believe this is a return to form for M.Night Shyamalan, I really do. There is certainly potential here, but frankly, the last time I was all spooked out by one of his trailers, I ended up wasting two hours with The Village. That said, I'll be holding out for the reviews here before throwing money to the box office hounds. What about you? Are you sufficiently creeped out to trust him with your film dollar, or is there just too much else to see? It opens June 13th, so Shyamalan has a bit of time to convince us skeptics.